Jessica's Picks: 10 Badass Shirts from Black Hope Curse

The Crooked Corner is excited to announce that we will soon be stocking a ton of badass apparel from Black Hope Curse. This brand is fantastic because it doesn't just favor women, they have tons of unisex shirts as well. Here are my favorite designs (so far) from the brand:

10. Face of Death T-Shirt by Julian Seibert

This shirt was done up by Julian Seibert who is the owner of Corpsepainter Tattoo and Piercing in Munich, Germany. This design has been more popular with the guys and has a bold, striking graphic.

9. Black Tower T-Shirt

We have already gotten pre-orders for this stunning tee. I am not surprised, the tower is a sight to be admired for sure.

8. Black Bird T-Shirt

Another popular tee, Ravens are supposed to symbolize wisdom and guidance. And the rosary is a nice touch.

7. Goat Corpse T-Shirt by Julian Seibert

Another striking tee from Julian Seibert. The graphic is a great balance between life and death.

6. Dark Seas T-Shirt

For real though, I want to be a pirate when I grow up. Obviously that's why I love this tee so much.

5. Burn It Down T-Shirt

I am obsessed with the cathedral in this graphic. Reminds me of wandering through Europe... if it was on fire.

4. Unearthed T-Shirt

This one is going in my closet. I love all the elements coming together to form one stunning tee.

 3. Serpent T-Shirt

A newer design, I am a fan of the sleek design on this tee. Plus the snake looks dope.

2. 3 Witches

You can't go wrong with a vintage distressed tee. This is another one I wouldn't mind adding to my closet.

1. Silence T-Shirt


This is my number one since it is designed after the cinematic masterpiece, The Silence of the Lambs. Can you really call yourself a horror fan if you don't have this tee?


Which tee is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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